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When I decided to kickstart my own photography business back in the day, I had no idea what I was really in for. I was just a kid slinging coffee and living off ramen noodles. It wasn’t pretty, y’all. But I penny-pinched and saved up enough to buy my first “real” camera — best decision I ever made, even if everybody at the time thought it was a pipedream.
We’re all friends here, so can we just talk for a sec about my Starbuck’s co-dependency? My six word memoir: Dirty, Vanilla, Non-Fat, No Water, Chai. That sweet nectar of the gods! Be still my beating heart! Gift cards and enablers welcome.

full disclosure:

— the open road/sky is where I feel most at home. Give me the air in my lungs, some T. Swift (guilty!), and a roundtrip ticket to the Pacific Northwest Coast, and you’ll find me in my natural habitat. For me, travel is a non-negotiable. I have to do it. I love closing my eyes in one place and opening them to find some new, uncharted territory. Experiencing foreign places and different cultures has taught me more about myself than anything else could — it’s my True North.
So, if I’m not blaring “Shake it Off” or cruising at high altitude, I’m likely remodeling. I recently “finished” my historic home off the town square, but you know what they say: “God’s in the details”. I earned my degree in housing and design, and my love for salvaging and repurposing rivals even my devoutness for Starbuck’s ambrosia. Point me in the general direction of a flea market, and I’ll take the reins from there.
What’s that saying? Behind every great man is a Great Dane? No really though, ya’ll…Montauk, my travelling companion…this dog is ridic. Yes, he does tricks, and, yes, you may pet him. But FYI: he’s too rad for any of us.

“Did someone say I love travel?  More like live and breathe for it”

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